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Great Sticks & Grips

Yeti Hockey Sticks and Grips provide excellent products at affordable prices. Check them out by clicking the link. Yeti Hockey Sticks have come out with their newest product, the Yeti “Arctic Attack 1.0” Youth Hockey

Stick. It is made with a Lightweight UD Carbon Fiber Composite Construction, keeping the stick light and

easy to use, as well as durable. The carbon fiber is 20% lighter and can absorb impacts at a 20%

improvement, as well as the addition of a new “XGrip” technology for better grip and feel for players.


Deker Hockey

Working out of Airdrie Alberta, Deker Hockey provides the best stick for the best hands. After a year of quality customer service, they are passionate about youth hockey, showing their support to many different teams including the Mountaineers out of Winnipeg, the Airdrie Storms, Calgary Cougars, and many others. They are dedicated to making quality sticks, including the new Twig_30 Deker Stick, to improve the skills of junior and intermediate hockey players all across Canada and into the States.


Elevate Hockey XL 27

Elevate Hockey has more than 20 years of experience in stick design and blade development, offering great products and advice on improving player’s game. Elevate Hockey produces hockey sticks with a new carbon fiber technology. This innovative design allows for the benefit of players to improve their skills. The sticks are made to give the player more velocity, improve shot accuracy, and allow for a quicker release when shooting on the goal. Their sticks are tested by professionals to ensure that you are getting a product that allows you to perform at the top of your game. Their newest product is the Elevate XL 27.




We provide state-of-the-art training aids, the most competitive prices and ultimately the best customer service for all your needs. Our trustworthy and knowledgeable staff takes the time to answer all your questions to ensure you make the best decision based on your requirements.  

Hockey Shot - Revolution Synthetic Ice Tiles

Over 20 years of development, the Revolution Synthetic Ice Tiles are perfect at-home training

to improve your skills before hitting the ice. The tiles come in various thicknesses (3/8”, ½” and ¾”), and

are easily installed with interconnecting technologies. They are designed to be used in different locations, basements, garages, and outdoors. The mats have excellent friction, using VHMW-PE (Very High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) to maximize performance.  A more affordable and a realistic choice.

Hockey shot 4-way elite passer

The HS 4-Way Elite Passer is a great tool for improving your passing skills at all levels. It’s great for fitting

in that extra practice time, and gaining effective training off the ice. Not only does it have an all-new

durable bungee cord, but the product features the ability for four players to train at once, allowing more

people to get involved in a time efficient manner. It can be used on hard surfaces, and synthetic or real

ice.  Get more time to practice your passing skills.

Hockey Shot - 4 Way elite Passer Exposes

One Thing That I really enjoy about the Hockey Shot 4 Way Bouncer is the ability to expose bad passes and quick return passes to help teach players to stay ready after passing. If players do not give a good pass the passer will not return the puck. If players stand up when the return pass comes or doesn't cushion the puck, they will miss the puck.

There is a wide range of exercises for on and off the ice.

Hoser Hockey


Turning Benders Into Beauties


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Hoser hockey Laces

Hoser Hockey makes a really nice hybrid lace. It has the benefits of wax laces without any of the hassle. Laces hold tight and are easy to untie and manage.

Give em a try and use Discount Code : fireandicehockey @ Checkout HoserHockey 

hoser Hockey Tape & Wax

I have been using the Hoser Hockey White Tape / Wax and loving it. The wax gives a nice balance between a sticky control that isn't too sticky. The puck still has a natural feel on the stick. I can control passes, shots and handling better then with just tape alone. The Tape is nice, not too thick and easy to tear for taping. Depending on how aggressive you play or chewed up the ice is, it might last a couple sessions. 

Give em a try and use Discount Code : fireandicehockey @ Checkout HoserHockey